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    Another M39-EOS Infinity Focus Fix

    I found a way to file down a shim within the Jupiter-9 which closes that 0.3mm difference to the focal plane but the Tair-ll has a very different design. I finally worked around this, modifying the EOS-M42 adapter by milling…

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    GoPro Gimbal Rig

    While most GoPro gimbals on the market are made for drone use, there are a number of hand held units. While researching I came across the Z1-Rider which separates the controller board from the motors and provides a cabled power/controller.…

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    Super Precision Matte Focus Screen

    In my review of the Optix auto focus confirmation chip, I mentioned how most modern cameras use focus screens optimised for auto focus lenses and therefore lack some of the focussing aids found in older film cameras such as split…

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    The OptixPCB AF Confirm Chip

    Probably the single biggest challenge using a manual focus lens on a modern DSLR camera is finding the sharpest focus point. The focus screen seen inside the viewfinder of modern cameras tends to be optimised for auto-focus lenses and therefore…