• Soviet Lenses

    Turist-FL Spotting Scope

    I came across this unusual looking lens accessory while browsing eBay for early M39/M42 gear. It’s a scope designed to attach to any M42 mount lens and adds additional magnification to whatever it is attached to. It wasn’t hard to…

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    MTO-1000AM 10.5/1100mm

    I’ve spent days getting to know the MTO-1000, both its limits and its strengths and have enjoyed using it. The MTO-1000 is by a considerable margin the largest, heaviest, longest, slowest most intimidating and difficult lens I have ever used.…

  • Soviet Lenses

    Industar-24M 3.5/105mm

    On the continuing quest to fill in the gaps of my early Soviet M39 SLR lens collection, I’ve managed to finally pick up a copy of this rare lens. Not only do few of them come up for sale, the…