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    East German Lenses

    Can vintage lenses be radioactive? Yep!

    Interestingly, a student at school mentioned that they heard old vintage lenses were radioactive especially the crazy Soviet ones. I'd never heard that one before. Working at a school means I have easy access to test equipment so I thought…

  • Photography

    Vintage London

    I did the tourist thing the other day and grabbed my 5D3 with a few old communist lenses...Helios 44-2 2/58, Zeiss Jena Flektogon 4/20 and Biometar 2.8/120. I intended to shoot some video but ended up enjoying the new focus…

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    East German Lenses,  Video & Film

    Zeiss Jena Sonnar

    Here’s a quick compilation of some footage I shot in the pouring rain last week. It’s really nothing that interesting but it was a fun day out getting to know the Sonnar a little better and dealing with the challenges…

  • East German Lenses,  Photography,  Video & Film

    Carl Zeiss Jena

    Carl Zeiss (today reunified) have historically been pioneers in the field of optics with many innovations in design carrying through to this day. Zeiss glass has an almost legendary look and while many of the most highly regarded lenses came…